Ten Years (or More) of Yelling About Art in Print

Confession, time. The genesis of this collection was because I needed to replace the gas lines in my house. However, as I was putting it together, I realized that what I actually had was a "body of work." Entertainment writing is cheap, which means not a lot of people really care about owning the copyright to it. Thus, I am able to reprint and collect my TV coverage in the age of prestige stories and the dominance of the geeky franchises I adored as a kid. So, if you're interested in this charity case, you can track the rise of modern pop culture from an appreciative and critical point-of-view from contemporaneous writing. I write about The Amazing Spider-Man as it debuted and track the downfall of Game of Thrones. I track Marvel on the big screen, and the surprising things DC was doing on the small one. Also, the meanest review I ever wrote is in this book (about the finale of How I Met Your Mother, though I also give some of your faves the business).

The book will be coming soon, and there will likely be multiple editions. I am thinking an Omibus Ebook, a more carefully-curated print version, and individual books for: the Marvel stuff, the DC stuff, Star Trek and Star Wars, and Other Genre stuff like Game of Thrones, LOST, and my in-depth pandemic retro review of every Mass Effect game.

Watch This Space!