Nine Stories

posted Nov 5, 2011, 4:47 PM by Joshua M. Patton
Since 5/30/2010, I have written nine short stories.  This was after a lull in writing fiction that lasted for more than six years.  They are almost 37,000 words, about 130 pages of double-spaced, Times New Roman text.  It feels good to have written this much in a year, along with writing nonfiction and poetry and other nonsense too.  I like most of them, but I am sure at least three are awful.  Still, I look at my nine stories and I feel pretty happy about them.  Then, I think of the revision process and dread creeps in. Yet, if I am to submit any of them anywhere, it's something I need to do.  I am always looking for readers and feedback, so if you are at all interested, send me an e-mail at