posted Feb 27, 2011, 10:40 AM by Joshua M. Patton   [ updated Feb 27, 2011, 10:54 AM ]
So in this first week of existing as an internet entity, I have found it to be immensely satisfying to type my name into that address bar and see something that I created.  Even though anyone with ten bucks and some time to invest can do it, somehow I feel more legit.  I have a weblog -- that I have mostly ignored but to have one is a necessity in this techno-publishing, 21st-century digital-age.  But what the hell to write about?  I certainly don't want to get involved in that SEO, product-review bullshit that dominates the monetized internet.  Look, I enabled Ad Sense on this page, but it was just a click.  I see ads for awful companies, like The University of Phoenix, but I might earn $.10 from some dummy clicking on it.  So until I have some books to sell, you are on your own, readers.  The problem is, along with the arrogance necessary to attempt a career in making stuff up there is also a sense of duty that any of your work you push on the public should at least attempt to inform and/or entertain.  I am open to suggestions....