Many of the writers I admire dabbled in Sportswriting.  I thought I would try my hand at the craft, especially since I am a Steelers' fan and was afforded the opportunity to contribute to, a site that tried to combine access to newspaper stories about the Steelers with original content.  Since it was essentially volunteer-work, I posted intermittently and -- after having been wrong about almost all of my predictions -- abandoned the effort when the Steelers seemingly abandoned football for the year.  I was given other assignments that demanded my attention and the first few entries on the site were very difficult to craft.  At the beginning of the next football season, I clicked back over to Steelersmix and was surprised to discover that my last submission was the last post on the site by a human being.  Below you will find links to these articles.  Bear in mind they are unedited pieces tantamount to practice.  That being said, some of them I am quite fond of.  "Domination is Only Interesting to Some People" is perhaps my favorite child in this particular litter.


A Weak Start to A Strong Season  (The offer to the readers to buy a beer still gives me douche-chills.  I apologize to the world.)