Matt's Naked Word

J. Matthew Nespoli is a writer, father, businessman, and the former brains behind  It was great writing for this website.  Matt wanted his writers to be edgy and did not shy away from controversial topics or language.  Below you will find the articles from that site.  Some of the content has been edited since appearing on the site for typos in the original draft and formatting.

- Farce News - The first column for the site.  I discuss the relationship between Fox News and the boom of political satire comedy shows.  In rereading it, I feel like I had a much more surface opinion about the problems with Fox News and over-congratulated the comedic hosts of the shows.  I also didn't know about Red Eye, Fox News' own political satire show, which is very funny and features many opposing viewpoints (often from comedians).  Originally published 11/24/2009

- Much Ado About Retard - This was written in response to the outrage over Family Guy's episode in which Chris dates a girl who  had down's syndrome.  As a writer, free speech is very important to me.  I wrote this because I think that no subject should be off-limits to writers, filmmakers, or any artists.  Originally published 2/18/2010

-Review of Blueprint 3 - Part of what I hoped to gain from writing for was that I wanted to write about entertainment again.  In the 90's, I would write about TV for some of my very early gigs, but I never really wrote about music.  For my first review, I chose Jay-Z's latest album (at the time).  Originally published 9/17/2009.