Previously Published Work

Some of my work previously available online is no longer available.  This happens usually because the website either revamps or goes away entirely. is a web magazine for couples.  My first article for them was about relationships I observed while serving in Iraq.  The site had articles and features organized into monthly issues of the magazine.  This changed when the site was redesigned.  Originally appeared in the February 2009 issue.  

I wrote for the now-defunct, a site that was devoted to politics and culture.  

I wrote this essay for about the issue of military retention in early 2009. - Retension [sic]

While it was never published, this was a piece I wrote after the passing of the controversial Arizona law SB 1070, which purportedly gave the police the ability to stop people who appeared to be illegal immigrants and ask for the identification.  I have always respected and admired The Onion and I wanted to submit this to them.  They however do not accept freelance submissions.