Dirty Little Windows

Dirty Little Windows is a forthcoming independent ebook single that takes a look into the lives of American webcam models, and their relationships with their users.

Preview Excerpt from Dirty Little Windows


                    I have a marching band fetish. Can you pretend you’re leading the band? High kicks and holding the baton?


Amber Mae, a 22 year-old waitress, artist, and cam model for MyFreeCams.com, reads aloud the request from a user named Chico2238 and then double-checks it. She laughs out loud, not with judgment but simple delight. She dashes out of the frame of her webcam, opening a window into her living room. There is a modest couch, a wall decorated with original hand-drawn art, and the television is on. It’s a show about Vikings. A cat’s tail can be seen darting about the edges of the frame, as if aware that dozens of strangers are guests in their home this late winter evening in 2014.

            Amber returns and seems pleased with herself. She smiles and holds up an umbrella, raising her eyebrows as if to say, “How’s this?” The music is some kind of indiscernible modern pop, but she stands in front of the television and begins marching in place, crossing her baton-brella diagonally across her bare chest repeatedly. She steps and kicks, wearing only glasses and a smile.


            Hotness, you have marched before! You naughty little marcher, you!!! Chico writes into the public chatroom. OH NO, OH HELL-TO-THE-NO…I’M SOOOOOO HARD!


            Other users posting in the chatroom expressed their reactions, ranging from disbelief to others perfectly willing to play along. One suggests he feels like he’s “watching a weird German art film,” while another tries to help by offering suggestions such as what she could use for a drum major’s hat. After a few minutes she puts the umbrella down and sits at her computer, smiling.

            All of a sudden, blood begins to drip from her nose. “Ah shit,” she says and then apologizes to her audience, explaining that despite what they may think she’s been sick lately and blowing her nose a lot. She stresses, after numerous sarcastic suggestions from those in the room, that she does not have a cocaine problem.

            Still, she keeps going. She rolls up two small pieces of tissue, and sticks them in her nostrils. “Sorry,” she says to the room. With the tissue hanging from her nose like tiny cotton tusks, she stands and resumes dancing naked for the almost-200 strangers viewing her camera-feed. After a second, she adjusts the camera so that her head, face, and bloody nose are all out of frame for her more sensitive viewers, like Chico.


                Um I’m not good with blood……Chico not like….Chico not like!! Chico writes.


            The rest of the room, however, offers up words of encouragement, a few even post "chat emotes," pictures of medals and awards. A few offer up ideas, such as one user who suggests wetting the rolled-up tissue before jamming it into her nostrils. Others jokingly suggest that she should auction off the tissue at the end of the show to the highest tipper. Throughout it all, she dances.

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