While most of my professional work has been non-fiction, like most people I dabble in the art of made-up storytelling from time to time.  I have yet to publish any fiction, but I plan to shop some of my near-complete stories around.  Still, I may share some of my student writing here and, perhaps, eventually some shorts that I will be tired of having rejected.  

A series of  science fiction stories, picked up by the podcast "Smoke and Mirrors," is available as an ebook download for the price of a comic book in 1992. It is a seven-installment series, so check back regularly for the latest chapter! 

This was an exercise in science-fiction and action-writing for a class at the University of Pittsburgh. At the time, I was re-reading Slaughterhouse Five, but Kurt Vonnegut. It was a throwaway exercise, but the characters - especially the Sheriff and the Deputy - stayed with me.  Eventually, this became Singularity War

This was an exercise in point-of-view.  I wrote the following scene from first, second, and third person point-of-view.  I wanted to see if I could write a convincing female character.  While there is much in this scene that remains in the current draft of the story, the choice to stay outside of Susan's point-of-view created put some distance between me and the character.   

This is from an earlier version of "The Gentleman," a story accepted for Publication in The Sins of the Seven anthology forthcoming from Wicked East Press.  This was the first short story I attempted after a five-year break from the world of make-believe. The scene was born from a similar circumstance that happened to me. However it was not a Sunday, and I found myself at the hotel because I wanted to do some early morning shooting at a gun range I didn't know closed.