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My name is (obviously) Joshua M. Patton and I am a freelance writer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a father of a wonderful little girl who loves wolves, sculpting, and Nutella. I am a veteran of the US Army, having served in foreign deployments in Bosnia and Iraq. I don't remember exactly when I decided I wanted to be a writer, but I do have memories that predate first grade of a series of stories I wrote about a stick figure named Ken.  These stories had illustrations and had any of them survived would be practically illegible.  

My career truly began in 1994 when the first computer entered the house.  It had Windows 3.1 and a 14.4K modem.  I took my ten free hours of America Online and, before it had elapsed, landed a monthly column for the Teen Community on the service.  Rather than paying for access to the internet, AOL paid me.  This led to some rudimentary success as a teenager, but I drifted away from the business after I enlisted in the Army in 1998.  

After leaving the service some 8 years later, it was time to rebuild my writing career.  I covered the Democrats for 20dc.com during the 2008 Elections and was a featured writer for MattsNakedWord.com, until the site vanished from the internet. Most recently, I spent six months covering news for OpposingViews.com. I am currently studying English Writing at the University of Pittsburgh using the GI Bill.  I have been published on a number of websites and in print.  Also, I have done some copywriting and ghostwriting. 

Today, I am a regular contributor to Piccolo Universe, Latest.com, and Veteran Journal.  An as-yet -npublished essay I have written, "Gunzo: The Thrill of Fear and Fear of the Thrill," was awarded first place in the Creative Nonfiction category in the 2011 Writer's Cafe/Prosody Contest. My poems "Faking It" and "Drug Education," swept the poetry category in the 2012 Writer's Cafe/Prosody Contest.  An excerpt from each was read on the radio show Prosody hosted by Jan Beatty on WESA.  I was also an intern/instructor for the 2011 Young Writers' Institute at the University of Pittsburgh.  An experience which ranks as one of the best I ever had. I also write fiction and am an expert in "story." See below for links to my contributor pages or singular essays published online somewhere.

Photo by Emily O'Donnell